Check your snow blower now! Is it proper with your environment?

Geographical differences, the circumstances surrounding the residence, and a few other differences make the manufacturers of snow blowers snow blowers create a variety adapted to these circumstances. This is because if the production is equated snow blower, what would happen if a small street cleaned with high-powered snow blower, or a spacious parking lot is cleaned with a snow blower that enabled small. Of course will cause noise in the narrow and crowded places, or take a long time to clean up the area.

For that, should you not know what type of snow blower is right for your environment that will wipe from the pile of snow which was quite annoying?When viewed from the vast area that you want to clean from the snow, is divided into:

1 – A massive area: approximately ten cars or more than it can go in and parked neatly in the area, such as Long Driveway, a large parking area, etc.. ATV or compact tractor then recommended allowing you to clean the snow comfortably from your seat.

2 – A large area: approx able to accommodate at least five cars, ATVs or compact tractors and attachments are available to allow you to clean the snow. Do not forget that this type of snow thrower has the ability to drive the wheels and up to 6 forward speeds plus reverse, and several others.

3 – Medium-size region is an area that can accommodate about 2 to 5 cars and walkways. if less than 150 meters, an electric-powered snow thrower would be ideal because there is no gas needed, no problems starting, it is easier to store than gas blowers are easier to handle and if you want to use it you just get it out, plug it in and go . But if more than 150 meters, you can rely on gas-powered snow thrower.

4 – Small size of the region in question is able to accommodate 1 or 2 cars. You can use electric-powered snow blower approximately 18-inches for proper efficiency and flexibility. Advised to be wary of the power cord.

5 – While for areas smaller than the size of a small area, you simply rely on electric-powered snow shovel.
When viewed from the engine type and capacity, There are four types of snow blowers or throwers are commonly used by the owners of the property, as follows:

1 – two-stage gas powered snow blowers. This is the biggest snow blower to be owned by a dwelling. Snow removal process is almost the same as other snow blower engine, just that the snow is then removed from the chute by the impeller inside the culvert and not dominated by the auger blades.

2 – Gas powered single-stage snow blowers. with the second largest capacity crusher snow, this type of devastating type of snow blower with auger blade and process it like a snow blower in general.

3 – Snow blower power. This is an electric machine with wheels and cut about 18 inches wide 12 to 15 amp and relies on the presence of electric and cable.

4 – Electric snow shovel. With approximately 12-inch cutting width and is typically 7 to 9 amps of power will further help you manually.

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