New Features of Mspy

Are you looking for a reliable tapper app? Have many features and good service? You should try mspy spy mobile right now! With mSpy? MSpy offers a variety of features and services that appeal to you. MSpy provides something no other spyware software can provide. And right now, mSpy has released its exciting new feature. All right, please refer to our article reviewing mSpy.

New features of mSpy:

1) mSpy without jail break

MSpy just released mSpy with a jail-break version for iPhone, iPod and iPad users. This device does not require any type of software installation on target phones iPhone, iPod or iPad. You only need a target iCloud account.

2) Keylogger

Previously, this feature is only available for android but now mSpy provides keylogger facility for iPhone / iPad. The keylogger feature allows you to get all the things your target has typed on the phone, such as a text message, login details in the form of username, password, and email.

3) Keyword Alerts

With this feature, you can see all the keywords or phrases typed by the target on its web browser, instant messenger, text messages, and email on its smartphone. You will be notified by mSpy about keywords especially indecent keywords that have been written by the target and those alerts will be sent via email.

4) Google Hangouts

Recently, mSpy added a new feature that allows you to tap all messages in google hangouts, photos, stickers, gifs, locations, emoji and contact lists with names and photos. Not only that, you can also see deleted messages. The information will be sent to your mSpy account, so you can easily monitor the google hangouts chatting information about the target.

5) Tinder

This app is a cool and busy chat app used by the majority of teenagers. Dangers posed to teenagers such as cyberbullying, sextism, gambling and porn sites and many more negative acts through online applications. Therefore, with the help of this mSpy tapping device, you can watch your teens easily.

6) Line chat messenger

To tap line chat is very easy by using mSpy app from iPhone and Android.

7) Telegram

This is another new feature recently added. You can see telegram chats and contact telegram messages.

8) Uninstall Alert – This feature is helpful for knowing the problem in detail in terms of MSPY application of each report from the target smartphone. Otherwise it will be enabled to manage the data log. Etc

Guide For Advanced Features

To access full features on mSpy, you need root on android device and also need to run Jailbreaking process for iPhone / iPad. You should know that before you get the full feature of the bug software, this process must be done to get the full monitoring feature.
What can you do?

1) IM Chats – all popular chat conversations like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype and iMessage, and Instagram .. You can easily read all the chat messages with the help of this bugging software.

2) Block Calls – check each available blacklisted phone number, after entering the number, the target will not be able to use calls from blacklisted numbers. This option is best to use for teenagers, may restrict children from communicating with people you think are not true.

3) Website Blocking – sites that you think are inappropriate for your children can all be blocked with this spy device. Block youtube, redtube, and many other inappropriate sites.

4) Blocking Applications – it’s not easy to keep an eye on your child’s internet usage. By blocking the app, you will be able to completely limit the activity of a child’s mobile phone activity. You can see all the applications already installed on the phone. Very inappropriate apps for teenagers like Beauty Meter apps, Yoga 4 Dudes and more. Immediately block the app with the mSpy control tool.

5) Keylogger – as for now this exclusive feature is only available on the Android platform. Keylogger features can get all the things typed by the target on his phone like messages, login details, passwords and emails.

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