Samsung Flexible Smartphone as the New Generation of Smartphone

Many people have realized that the smartphone is the all-new generation of phone that was introduced to the market some years ago. However, it seems like this new generation will soon be replaced with the new generation of smartphone marked by Samsung flexible smartphone. Yes, the flexible phone is something that you can only see on the movie in the past. However, it seems like Samsung, as one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the world, has been trying to manufacture the smartphone with the flexible body.

Even though the overall look of this latest invention from Samsung has been leaked to the world, it is still not sure about the kind of material that will be used for this new generation of flexible smartphone from Samsung. However, you can expect that this new flexible smartphone from Samsung will be using the similar Android OS, since Samsung can be considered as the pioneer of the android-based devices. For your information, besides Samsung flexible smartphone, LG is one brand that has released the unique looking body shape of their smartphone. With the curved looking body shape, the LG flex is considered as the very first smartphone with the curved looking body. However, that kind of body cannot transform into the flat body like many people have been waiting for. Therefore, if you are really looking forward to this kind of unique looking body shape, then you might want to wait until Samsung officially announces the new model of their flexible smartphone.

For your consideration, the era of smartphone is going to enter its first decade. That means, you can also expect that the new generation of smartphone will be rising from many different brands and names. As an addition to that, the Samsung flexible smartphone might be one smartphone that will mark the change on the era of smartphone.

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