Monthly Archive: August 2017

Flexispy Features and Benefits

Flexispy is software that is used to perform a comprehensive tracking work. This application is used for mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and computers. This software provides a wide range of advanced capabilities and integrated with GPS. This application already recommended by the popular online media such as MSN, Yahoo!, PC World, Wired, SF Gate, and Newsweek. This spy application is very easy to use. You can install it on your phone to another cell phone monitor. This application will report all the activities carried out by a mobile phone in real-time. It will be very nice because you do not need to check your child’s phone directly. This app also runs in stealth mode so that people will never know that they are being monitored by you.

The benefits will you get by installing Flexispy in your cellphones

Flexispy parental control is a good software for mobile phones with advanced features and amazing benefits. There are several options to get the reporting of the phone. There is some ability possessed by this application and one of them is to record phone calls and surroundings. There are also features to record calls on demand. These features will give you clear information regarding all about your children activities in cellphone. You will be able to monitor all text messages, phone calls, visit the website at anytime from anywhere in the world by logging into your account Stealth club. It works in complete stealth mode – which means it can work quietly in the background and monitors all activities on your phone and record everything on the server for you to view at your convenience. (more…)

Protect Your Children from Any Dangers Of Social Media with Mspy

Mspy is one of the best things that should be chosen to use by those parents who feel worry on the over access of social media by your children. Recently, the popularity of social media websites are getting more increased. This high popularity also makes it to be used universally. It means that it is not being used by adult only, but, social media websites also being accessed by some children. Unfortunately, as the other case of children in suing technology which lack of knowledge, social media websites can be very harm to them so that it is important for you to stay monitor your children’s social media activities. (more…)

The Dangerous of Internet for Children

Have you ever find a child or even your own children try to access internet? Or do you agree that children are allowed to access internet freely? If you are a parent who allows your children in accessing internet and even let them free with this thing, you have to think that twice since there are some bad things that will be gotten by your children through accessing internet without any control from you as the parent. It becomes something that obviously being known by people that internet can give negative effects for your children so that it is a must for you to stay monitoring their internet activities. (more…)