Flexispy Features and Benefits

Flexispy is software that is used to perform a comprehensive tracking work. This application is used for mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and computers. This software provides a wide range of advanced capabilities and integrated with GPS. This application already recommended by the popular online media such as MSN, Yahoo!, PC World, Wired, SF Gate, and Newsweek. This spy application is very easy to use. You can install it on your phone to another cell phone monitor. This application will report all the activities carried out by a mobile phone in real-time. It will be very nice because you do not need to check your child’s phone directly. This app also runs in stealth mode so that people will never know that they are being monitored by you.

The benefits will you get by installing Flexispy in your cellphones

Flexispy parental control is a good software for mobile phones with advanced features and amazing benefits. There are several options to get the reporting of the phone. There is some ability possessed by this application and one of them is to record phone calls and surroundings. There are also features to record calls on demand. These features will give you clear information regarding all about your children activities in cellphone. You will be able to monitor all text messages, phone calls, visit the website at anytime from anywhere in the world by logging into your account Stealth club. It works in complete stealth mode – which means it can work quietly in the background and monitors all activities on your phone and record everything on the server for you to view at your convenience.

This software will be able to store all the calls, text messages, photos, videos, websites that have been accessed and also reports of mobile banking. Even if your child is already clearing the information from the phone, this application can record it. Flexispy is also compatible with most devices such as Android, BlackBerry and iPhone, but before buying it, you are advised to perform Verification that the application is used by parents to monitor the activities of the child.

The advantages of using Flexispy are that it is have a great logging feature for parental control of children. This will be very useful for troubleshooting when your children receive inappropriate content on their mobile phones, this app will automatically remove the inappropriate content. By logging features provided by this application, you will be able to receive a copy of any messages sent or received by a mobile phone that is being monitored.

Additionally this spy application also provides a history of calls and text messages report. You can also receive a report that shows all the images captured by the phone. This spy application logging feature can also provide contact information to the phone. In addition you can also see all emails sent and received by mobile phones. Then it can also be used to view all web sites visited on a smartphone. There are also features that provide appropriate reports regarding the entire log or activities that goes into your child’s phone. This will provide detailed information about the whereabouts of your child and offer you great insight on your children activities. With all of the above features it can be concluded that Flexispy is a useful to monitor our children activities and prevent them from doing mischievous things.

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