Employee Monitoring

How to Protect Your Company from Backstabbing Employee

Having one company in this modern day is a tough job. We need to be creative to be able to compete with other people company. Additionally we need to be clever to understand business market and what is profitable and what is not. However, one of the most important parts in having a company is having employees. A company cannot run without employees which means we need to search and find a good employee that can run our company and bring it to success. Unfortunately, in this modern world there are many backstabbing employee that will gladly sold your company secret for personal profit and gains.

Employee monitoring as the best way to keep your company goes well

Due to this case, it is important to have a precaution and method to separate good employee and backstabbing employee. First of all we need to have a good interview. Interview means we can know better our employee what their motive, what their purpose and why they want to enter our company. If a person who take the interview feels odd and does not have enough experience we can simply dismiss them for other person who have better capabilities. However, the most important thing in interview is we know their attitude. Typically a person who ready to work for your company and loyal will have better shape and talk with more clear results. (more…)